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Do you have spares for Ascot Water Heaters ?

NO. The name Ascot Gas Services and the old British water heater of that name is purely coincidental.


Can you fix my 25 year old furnace ?

Possibly. The age is not the issue, the condition is. If it is good enough and the parts are available we will do our best.

Can you fix my leaking water heater ?


If the water is coming from the tank no. If it is a valve or connector yes.

   This is why we work to code



Can you quote me for a new furnace or water heater ?      

Yes, but not without seeing it.  We have to do a heat load calculation for furnaces which ensures you get the correct size and this requires a lot of measurements and pictures.
As a guide I can give ball park figures that are dependent on a survey.
Most replacement furnaces installations are completed for between $5000 and $7,000
with water heaters at around $1000. Trailer and modular furnaces are typically from $4000.



Can you put a BBQ point outside from my fireplace line inside ?

It depends. The amount of gas available depends on pressure, the length of pipe, type and the size.
Code absolutely controls what I can do and it is often better to run a new line from the meter.
                DIY is great



Can you run a gas line to my garage?

Yes, but we need to know what the load is and how far from the meter. Underground lines have to start and finish outside of the buildings they connect and run about 18" deep.  

Can you do Propane hook ups?

Yes. You will need a tank. Suppliers like CanWest in Armstrong will advise and we will connect and commission the appliances.

Can you swap out my fireplace for one I have bought ?


Sometimes. There are a huge number of variables that determine if a particular fireplace is suitable for an installation. Get advice before you commit.
Can you repair BBQs ?
Sometimes. If I have to clean it to work on it the cost can make it uneconomic and if there is no CSA approval sticker for NG I have to disconnect it. Check first!

Can you convert my BBQ gas type ?

Yes. But you need to obtain the appropriate kit from the manufacturer and there must
be a CSA approval mark on the BBQ rating plate. Lots of BBQs are brand name but
foreign made with no approval. I am not allowed to connect these to a gas supply. If the manufacturer supplies a conversion kit it is a good guide to the quality and safety of the unit.
 Daily jig saw

Can you replace my broken fireplace glass ?

Yes, It must be replaced. If the glass if it is damaged it is unsafe to use.
Do you work on oil or electric furnaces ?
The clue is in the name, Ascot GAS Services. Sorry.