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Simple Surround        
                     A simple but effective surround made from drywall.
                                    (Rear vented fireplace on an outside wall)
Behind the scenes
                                      More complex corner arrangement
                      (Note fireproof concrete board surround and conduit for TV over. Not shown is
                        extra heat insulation and ventilation to keep TV cool.)
Many hours later....
                              wrought Iron look
Tight fit
                                  Fairly typical high efficiency furnace install
                                    (The new venting goes up and out horizontally and condensate drains to
                                       a pump that also takes AC and any water heater water weep.)
 Typical 38 gall                 Nice pipe work
Water Heater gets heat trap pipe work                   Furnace gets anti-vibe vent connection.                                                Furnace switch and isolation valves accessible
(in blue). Catch tray and dedicated 4"                     Rubber pad mounting feet and new                                                       and at 5' high, drip legs and capped filter
vent liner to cap.                                                      programmable thermostat.                                                                     housing.
Now we are getting artistic
                Fully tiled surround provides a contemporary look
           to an older fireplace
                 ( Beveled edge tiles and two colour grouting )
Stainless escapes the kitchen
Hide those alcoves
                  This was two alcoves and a central fireplace
          (Split mantle, fireproof surround board, asymetric hearth pad in wooden floor)
                 Two finishes of the same colour paint
            aluminium accent tiles and recessed
            slate hearth tiles.
These are just a few projects that we have helped into reality.          What would you like?