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We offer help under three main headings :-      Servicing     Repair    Installation
      (We do keep a stock of spare parts but we do not have showroom facilities. Call Barry on 250 833 2446 to check availability.)
Safe and economic
A fireplace service takes between 1 and 2 hours and includes all the points that Technical safety BC describes and then goes a little further! If necessary rusted areas are re-sprayed with heat resistant paint and it's performance is checked. A fireplace service costs $150.00
A furnace service takes between 1 1/2 and 2 hours and again ticks all the Technical Safety BC boxes before going on to check temperature rise, overall condition and drainage, when our service is complete you can be assured that the furnace is safe and running at it's peak efficiency. A furnace service costs $180.00
Traditional water heaters don't take long as they are simple machines. $40 on its own or free with a fireplace or furnace service.
It gets better! If you have a furnace, fireplace and traditional water heater all done at the same time the package costs $290 - saving $40!
Boilers, tankless and power or direct vent water heaters are treated as furnaces for the purpose of this offer. Some tankless units specify a service kit which we must use, POA
There are no call out or mileage additions for servicing. For distant calls we need to schedule them to make sensible use of our time. Prices do not include the cost of any repairs that are necessary, we will discuss them with you before taking any action. Only GST at 5% is added.    
RepairsFixed and checked
Our breakdown and repair rates do not vary with falling temperature! The clock runs from leaving Salmon Arm until we finish your repair at $95.00 hour. This means the travel portion is at half rate with no fuel surcharge or call out extras.
The only variable is when you call. Normal hours are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. Weekends and evenings are time and a half and after midnight is double. We do not offer a 24 call out but if we can help we will.
(For insomniacs who call in the early morning - Remember, I set the price!)
The cost of a repair will be the time/rate plus parts required plus GST at 5%
The answer to avoiding breakdowns is regular servicing!
Installations are scheduled and we work with the agreed estimate. Usually we have been diligent in our survey and there are no surprises, if we do uncover a problem not previously accounted for we will discuss it with you. We take it as a matter of pride that better than 9/10 installations are completed on budget.
Every installation requires a permit. The fees vary and they are included in our estimate, if someone prices your installation without a permit your insurer may not cover any losses. How much is your home worth? From time to time there are offers and rebates available from FortisBC and Federal or Provincial government, we try to keep up with these and complete the paperwork for you. Every offer requires the permit number so staying safe might also be less expensive than you think! See the Links tab for permit fees.
When we work in your home we use drop cloths and extra rubber sheets on wood floors. We try to minimize the mess but some is inevitable, if you have valuable or delicate items please move them to a safe place. There is an accepted building expression " to make good" it means we will repair any works (dry wall, base board, crown molding etc.) to a solid standard ready to paint. We do not paint. At the end of a job we will remove all the rubbish, old appliances and debris associated with the project leaving you with a safe and tidy installation.
Typical costs,The last job
Most replacement furnaces installations are completed for between $5000 and $7,000
Water heaters 'like-for-like' at around $1000. Trailer and modular furnaces are typically from $4000 to $5500
Fireplace installations are $850 and up depending on the building work and level of finish required