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A sort of coughing, grunting noise...
It has always been our policy to help where we can. It is often better for everyone if we can give you some simple advice over the phone rather than make a largely unnecessary call out. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best
We do get folks who badger for advice beyond reasonable help. These people will almost certainly never become Ascot customers so when the reasonable point is reached you will be asked to schedule a visit. If you don't  take that hint please don't ring again.


The most common out of hours call we get is that the furnace is making noises but fails to make heat. There are many reasons why that might be but all modern furnaces will re-set if you turn off the power for 20 seconds and start it again. This is not a cure but it will often get it going enough to get some heat. Then we can trace the fault during more convenient hours.


If you smell gas get everyone outside the house and call 911
How cold is it ?
Yes, I know it will be the middle of a winter night but knock on your neighbour's door and call FortisBC on 1 800 663 9911 or 911 and very soon there will be plenty of help.
It is much better to be outside a burning house looking in than inside looking out. Ask a fire fighter.
If your carbon monoxide or smoke alarm goes off get everyone outside the house and call 911.
Fire is big loud and scary, smoke is creepy and stinky but carbon monoxide is a silent, odourless killer. It seeps into our blood and stops it transferring oxygen. At low levels it gives mild flu like symptoms, at high levels it will kill you in 15 minutes.
Get an alarm, check your batteries, check the expiry date.
This advice could save your life.         Do it now !